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DMCA notices of copyright infringement

All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos that appear on the website are the property of their respective owners. ApkHunger, consistent with DMCA and other applicable laws, responds to notices of suspected violations of the Federal Digital Millennium Copyright Copyright Act (DMCA). As part of our response, we may remove or disable remove access to content on a website controlled or operated by ApkHunger, which is a violation of the allegation. In this case, we try to contact the developer who submitted as developers so that they can make a counter notification as per DMCA.

Before reporting a violation or counter-notification, you should consult an attorney to better understand your rights and responsibilities under the DMCA and other applicable laws. In particular, the responsibilities of the following instruction correspond to the rights and duties of the ApkHunger, which is in accordance with the DMCA in Section 512 (c) and does not constitute legal advice.

Notice of copyright infringement

To file a content violation notification on ApkHunger, please include the notification with the following details

The physical signature of the developer or development team is authorized to act on behalf of the holder of certain rights that are allegedly infringed. Third-party agencies must provide a copy of the “Physical Letter Thoracic Letter” so that the agency can address any issues that are copyrighted in it.
Identify the pirated works that are claimed to be in breach, or where multiple pirated works on the site are covered by a single instruction, a representative list of such works on the site.
It’s best to include the URL in the text of the email so we can quickly find the content.
Enough information to enable the service provider to contact the plaintiff, e.g. B. The address, telephone number and, if available, the email address to which the complainant can be contacted.
There is a statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that the use of the material in the manner in which the complaint is made is not authorized by the copyright owner, his agent or the law.
The information in the notice is an accurate and punishable statement by the authority stating that the complaining party has the power to take action on behalf of the holder of certain rights allegedly violated (note that Section 512 (f)) That may result in liability for damages due to a violation of the material or activity.

Then email the infringement notice to [email protected]

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